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The Tattoo studio and Hairdresser-De Kapper is easy to find on the N325 from Crevillente to Aspe on Finca | Punta Pelusa in the mountains of crevillente.

Or just pick up your cell phone and search in Googlemaps for Partida Manresa 4, Crevillente and a nice lady or gentleman who tells you exactly how you will come to us.

To be able to serve everyone well, we like to take the time. Hasty work is always bad work, and that counts for your new tattoo, but also for your new hairstyle.

In Pelusa Tattoo we work for 200 percent sterile and we only work with disposable material. We have a good name to keep up.

After ten years of tattooed the stars of heaven in the Netherlands and 18 years in sunny Spain, we know what we are doing.

Joke also knows what she does after more than 25 years of providing people with a beautiful hairstyle.

Hans does the tattoos. We have more than 500,000 tatoo designs. so there is plenty of choice. Of course you can also bring your own design.

Or if you have a few good ideas, we can design something for you.

Since 1990.

Together accounted for more than

53 years of professionalism.

De werk ruimte

De wacht ruimte buiten.

Attention!. Only with appointment

Punta Pelusa Tattoo & Hair is open from Monday to Monday.

Tel; 696573888


Hans en Joke

Want to know more abouth Hans And Joke

Read more here. Hans en Joke!

Do you want a tattoo in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere? Then Punta Pelusa Crevillente is the Tattoo studio for you.

What do the customers say?

"richtig klasse da wirklich zu empfehlen und Tattoos sind vom feinsten werde auf jeden fall wieder hin danke an hans und joke"

— Klaas Ruben

"Topkerel, eerlijk en rechtuit met liefde voor zijn vak ."

— Inge Renders

"Heel blij met mn mooie tattoo! Precies wat ik wilde!"

— Alex Veldhuizen

"El mejor tatuador un gran artista me hago 700 kms solo para que el me tatue."

— Veronica Gallardo Amores

"Qué gran profesional. Un verdadero artista. Volveré!!"

— Lucia Escarpa

Hans & Joke

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partida Manresa 4 Crevillente

0034 696573888