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I understand my work as a Tattoo Artist as a form of art, and therefore I enjoy drawing for every customer individually.When a custom drawing is requested. I will ask for a deposit from 50 euro for a small tattoo and 100 for the bigger tattoos .to ensure that you will come.

You do not pay for drawings but a no-show will result in me withholding the deposit and drawing.

When you arrive for your tattoo appointment the deposit for the drawing will go towards the price of your tattoo.
Since you are not paying for the drawing after all, the drawing remains my property if you don't want to purchase it.
I ensure you to not use it for further work on different customers but will eventually display it on the internet and/or place it in my portofolio. I will ask for down-payments in order to reserve appointment space for you.
The amount you left with me for your appointment will be put towards the price of your tattoo on the day you receive it.If you are not showing up on that day and haven't told me 24 hours in advance that you will stay away, i will keep the deposit!I will only estimate a price for a tattoo after i saw or finished the complete design.
With any pieces too big to accomplish in one session, i will charge by the hour.
However estimations are only made in person and not by e-mail or other unpersonal media.

I won't give a discount on touch-up's on hands or feet since those parts always work and heal with bigger
problems then any other bodypart, so please consider this while choosing a spot for your tattoo. All other Touch up work is free within a year after the last sitting and only if the failure is on my side and not caused by imprudent aftercare or injury.

Tattoo Price

To know the price of your tattoo. Is it better to come in our tattoo studio.

Almost always, the price of your Tattoo is cheaper than if price quote by phone or email.

 This is big price difference.

Because in the Tattoo Studio, I can better see how your Tattoo looks, and importantly, how big exactly.

The minimum Price of a Tattoo at Pelusa is 40 euro.

Thanks for your understanding

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