jackpot Tattoo sleeve

Tattoos van Punta Pelusa Tattoo 2017.

Pinup tattoo at pelusa

Pin-UpTattoo done yesterday . Start of the Pinup tattoo sleeve for Dianton.

barber chair tattoo pelusa Done yesterday litle bit more on the tattoo sleeve for my friend Jock. A barber chair and some diamonds.

turtle tattoo

Started yesterday with the tattoo sleeve of Sylvia a nice turtle .

razor blade nucle pelusa tattoo

Done this Tattoo of a razorblade knucle tattoo yesterday on my big friend Jock.

mees vogel kersenbloesem tattoo

Vanmorgen leuke tattoo gedaan van een pimpelmees met kersenbloesem in de Tattoo studio op Punta Pelusa


Started with this tattoo last week . Is going to be a full sleeve with roses.

Done this funny Tattoo for Ju Li at her leg. Skeleton tree tattoo in black. Here at Punta Pelusa Tattoo studio in Crevillente.

Done this week this nice tattoo of a vulture , for my friend Paul at the Scavengers motorcycle club in Crevillente.

Finished this fantasy Tattoo for Tone today. Lot of work but fun to do.

Finished today last part of this Tattoo with a skull and on both sides some nice roses at Punta Pelusa Tattoo in crevillente.

Done Today this tattoo of a shark , who is swimming in on the back and comes out on the chest, was lot of fun to make this tattoo.

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